Find out about and sign up to our new partner – distributor program !
Posté le : 04/03/2011

Who is the partner-distributor programmed aimed at ?

The program is aimed at service providers whose business activity is linked to bank payments (bank card, credit card and non-banking institution card payments) and non-bank payments (gift cards, prepaid cards, loyalty cards etc) for distance and / or local selling, such as:

  • Maintenance engineers
  • Installers
  • Software publishers

What are the advantages for dealers?

The program gives partners the opportunity to boost their sales by distributing our effective, modular and turnkey solutions, which are tailored to their sector requirements.

The partnership program enables distributors to:

  • Stand out from the competition by providing a comprehensive offering including added value services
  • Draw on the expertise of our support service to help partners market our products
  • Maintain customer relations by incorporating our solutions into your own offering

To guarantee a top quality service, PAYBOX Services selects specialists with a high degree of expertise in their area in order to strengthen its network of partners.

The CAP INFO information systems group has been a PAYBOX Services partner-distributor since 2008. This computer services company was founded over a decade ago and posted a turnover of €5 million in 2010.
It has three areas of expertise:

  • Payment, sales operations, loyalty and gift card management software packages, which CAP INFO publishes, distributes, integrates and maintains
  • E-banking EPT service including e-banking equipment, hardware and communications. CAP INFO distributes, integrates, deploys and maintains these solutions
  • Hosting and monitoring store front office and e-commerce servers

CAP INFO offers its services to all retailers (large specialised distribution groups, integrated subsidiaries, franchises and single-store sales outlets) in a multichannel environment (retail shop and e-retail) across France and Europe.

The company’s associate managing director, Alain RIVOIRE, goes back over the reasons behind and the benefits of the PAYBOX Services - CAP INFO partnership.

Why did you decide to become a PAYBOX Services partner-distributor ?

"Becoming a Paybox partner offers lots of advantages:

  • For our clients: the chance to opt for an alternative to the other solutions available on the market; a solution that cuts communications costs and offers independence from the banks and is flexible to use.
  • For CAP INFO: The opportunity to work with a team on a human scale which enables us to provide the end client with a local service, offering responsiveness and effectiveness for important payment transactions."

How do the Paybox solutions benefit your clients ?

"The modular nature, performance and reliability of the PAYBOX Services solutions has enabled our clients to change their e-banking infrastructure safe in the knowledge that they can trust the solution, it is easy to use and that they will see a return on investment in under three months, while complying with the new e-banking security standards."

How many contracts have you signed thanks to the partnership ?

"In two years, CAP INFO has rolled out over 2,000 EPT with Paybox architecture for well-known retailers such as Micromania, Carnet de Vol, Orchestra, Richardson, Harmonia Mundi, Besson Chaussures, Troc de 
L’ile and Décor Discount. Major specialised distribution accounts are currently being signed up."