PayPal now available for Payment in N times and subscriptions

The partnership between Paybox and PayPal has been further developed by the addition of a new feature enabling recurring debits and subscriptions via PayPal accounts to be managed. 

Paybox therefore now offers the option of storing PayPal profiles in its Paybox Version Plus solution's bankcard and non-banking institution card profile storage facility.



The following services are now available:

·         Immediate payment via a PayPal account (authorisation and debit)

·         Two-stage processing via a PayPal account (authorisation and debit on dispatch or when a contract comes into effect, for example)

·         Manage cancellations and refunds via Paybox without using the PayPal console

·         Store PayPal profiles for split payments and subscriptions

·         Recurring debits from PayPal accounts for set amounts / frequencies

·         Recurring debits from PayPal accounts for variable amounts / frequencies

·         One-click purchasing from a PayPal account

For the record, PayPal is a payment method that is natively available in the Paybox System solution and can easily be activated for your account.

If you are interested in this service, set up your PayPal account straightaway by visiting and send Paybox your PayPal account email so that it can be configured.