A global payment offer in Europe ...

Xileo and Paybox, both subsidiaries of the Point Group in France, join forces and combine their operations.




Paybox continues to position itself as a major player in the field of E-commerce and distance selling by providing turnkey and modular payment solutions. As for Xiléo, already partner Paybox for many years, their expertise in maintenance and installation reinforces the activity of POS payment.


The new set became one of the few companies offer expertise and services both for the physical payment ("Card Present" activity) and for internet and mobile channels ("Card not Present" activity).

From a global perspective, the new entity offers merchants an offer of payment in Europe through its secure platform for potential extended:

  • Multi-channel : EPT, e-commerce, mobile ...
  • Multi-services : loyalty card, pre-paid card...
  • Multi-banks : connexion with all french banks and main european acquirers
  • Multi-payment method : bank card, non banking institution card, credit card ...
  • Multi-manufacturers


This flexibility helps meet the needs of any merchant regardless of:

  • Its size: the independent business at the sign multi-outlets
  • Its industry: restaurants, hotels, clothing, public sphere, tourism ...
  • Its geographical location: France or Europe
  • Its objective: multiplication of payment method, set up abroad, developing multi-channel or cross-channel approach


This merger strengthens our position as leader in payment solutions for multichannel commerce. The immediate objective is to :

  • provide this unique offer to all customers, distributors and partners,
  • keep the characteristics that made our reputation and expertise for a decade: trust, innovation, integraty and passion.