New version of Paybox System available without CGI module

Until now Paybox had required a CGI module to be integrated onto the host server of the e-commerce or m-commerce store to make calls to the payment server. 

We now offer technology based on a HTTPS dialogue with a HMAC signature for exchanges. This development makes it much simpler and quicker to firstly integrate and then maintain Paybox System on your website and host server. 

The advantages of this new HTTPS version with a HMAC signature are:

·         No need to install an executable module (CGI) on your host environment

·         Immediate compatibility with all operating systems and no problems when migrating

·         Free and permanent test environment available even after your store is up and running

·         Simplified procedure for adding new payment methods and features (no need to check the version of the previously integrated CGI module)

·         The security and integrity of exchanges is increased

·         Visual and easy-to-use management of the certificate via the Back Office interface 


It should be noted that we still offer integration with a CGI module for sites equipped with this technology and for new projects wishing to use the module. 

Paybox therefore offers three types of Paybox System service interfaces:

·         HTTPS version with a HMAC signature (new version without the CGI module)

·         Version with the compiled CGI module

·        Version with the compiled CGI module + HMAC signature. 

Our Customer Support and Integration team are available should you require any further information.