Chantemur chooses our solutions to equip its 110 stores.

Xileo offers merchants and retailers:

  • A full range of turnkey e-banking solutions
  • Tools for remote transaction management and real-time system monitoring
  • An efficient after-sales service provides maintenance
The solutions can be adapted to any type of business:

  • Franchises and retailers
  • Any business sector and any type of distribution network (from one to several hundred sales outlets)
  • Located solely in France or in several European countries
  • Independent, connected or centralised e-banking

Our expertise has already been recognised by numerous French retailers who have chosen us as their e-banking partner to help manage their system.

The IT team Chantemur (a wallpaper and paint retailer), looks back over their ebanking project and the reasons why the company selected us.

What challenges were you facing and what was Xiléo’s role?

Our stores were initially equipped with RTC payment terminals, i.e. connected via the telephone network. We then installed broadband throughout our network of sales outlets.

Xileo analysed our ebanking system and advised us to opt for IP e-banking equipment in order to:

  • Increase transaction processing speed
  • Decrease with telecoms costs
  • Improve customer relations

 Why did you choose Xileo to support you in this venture?

We chose Xileo as our e-banking partner as part of our plan to renew our system for several clients of their :

  • Technical expertise met our sector requirements
  • ‘client’ focused approach meant that we were supported through every phase of our project
  • Offers flexible solutions and its teams are responsive
  • Attractive rates

 What results have been obtained to date?

Rollout was completed to schedule – the system was installed in two weeks and there were no hitches. To date, we are completely satisfied with the service delivered by Xileo.
We can also count on their support when developing new projects.