Launch of a payment service for retailers and distributors

In order to keep step with market developments and merchant expectations, Point Transaction Systems is no longer positioning itself as a simple e-banking equipment supplier for sales outlets. Instead, the company’s objective is to offer a range of everyday services based on the usage of a traditional payment terminal.

In order to achieve this, Point has designed a new range of packages (All in One Packs) that meet the needs of merchants, retailers and partner dealers, whatever: 

  • Their size - from an independent trader to a retailer with multiple sales outlets
  • Their business sector - including catering, taxi hire and ready to wear fashion
  • Their geographical reach - France and / or abroad-+
  • The configuration of their e-banking system - independent, connected or centralised e-banking

This range of turnkey solutions meets standard and more complex and tailor-made requirements.  Apart from supplying the equipment (IP, GPRS, RTC terminals), we offer you all the following services:

  • Analysis of your current equipment
  • Installation and training
  • Technical support hotline six days a week
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Secure and process payment by our platform
  • Paybox Vision – a reporting tool enabling you to view transactions
  • Paybox Xiline – a real-time tracking device enabling you to monitor system maintenance work


A range of tailor-made services are also available depending on the package you choose: 

  • Installation and on-site maintenance
  • Back-up solutions in the event of the GPRS or ADSL service being down
  • Maintenance five Sundays a year
  • Logo on the EPT screen
  • Personalised payment confirmation slips

 Finally, added value services can be selected from our catalogue :

  • Payment methods
  • Sector specific applications

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