PAYBOX digitizes the public sector

As part of the drive to reform the State administration, a modernisation plan has been put in place to:


·         Simplify the relationship with users

·         Improve service quality

·         Optimise management of public services

This measure has led to the virtualisation of the service for the public with the creation of a virtual portal available 24/7.

Digital public services help to facilitate formalities for the public, companies and local authorities.

Today, 80% of formalities can be carried out online and 95% will be available by 2012. The information and services required include bank card payments and these are a key part of the e-process.

PAYBOX Services platform enables all types of services to be paid for securely and remotely :

  • The Portal for Families: day nurseries, school meals and school holiday play clubs

  • Utility bills

  • Travel passes

  • Entertainment tickets (theatre, concerts etc)

  • University registration fees, CROUS, etc...

  • Online submission of documents and the virtualisation of services and documents

Over 800 public sector stakeholders have already entrusted us with managing their remote payments :

  • Local authorities and Group of Districts

  • General and Departmental Councils

  • Ministries

  • Universities

  • Research centres

  • Tourist Information Centres
The advantages of online payment for a revenue collection institution are :

  • A service that can be accessed 24/7

  • Payment periods are reduced

  • A drop in unpaid debts

  • Simplified management of payments and reconciliations

  • Provision of new services for the public: staggered payments, invoice collection, billing of new services
To support the rollout of these projects, all of our services incorporate :

  • Listed by the Ministry of Finance and Provision technical solutions approved by Ministry of Finance

  • Virtual EPT advisory operator and supplier to the public sector

  • Partnership approach with the various sector / software players in your area

  • Dedicated contact people

  • Free and unlimited support

  • Technical project support courtesy of our technical implementation capacity and technical support provided by a sector publisher

  • Simplified administrative and contractual procedures

  • Platform availability enabling service levels to be guaranteed

  • Competitive pricing approach

  • Real expertise with regard to your sector-specific constraints and an impressive client list