View your cheques via PAYBOX Vision Back Office

Although the number of cheques processed in local retail settings has dropped significantly over the past few years, cheques are still a valid payment method and PAYBOX Services has decided to offer a raft of cheque services on its centralised platform.          


A cheque scanner needs to be connected to the EPT (electronic payment terminal) to offer these services.

The cheque scanner:

  • Fills in the information needed to use the cheque (amount, date, payable to…)
  • Scans the CMC7 codeline (barcode on the cheque) enabling the cheque to be uniquely identified
  • Uploads the information to the EPT
Several functions are available on the EPT :
  • Edit the cheque without depositing the funds
  • Upload the cheque image corresponding to the information on the cheque
  • Ask the Banque de France to check whether the cheque is valid
  • Make a guarantee request in order to guarantee the payment
The uploaded information is centralised on the PAYBOX Services’ platform and can be accessed via the VISION interface to see:
  • The cheque images and revenue generated, even if you do not have an associated contract
  • The cheque verifications and revenue generated
  • The cheque guarantees and revenue generated

Naturally, just like for all other payment methods, this information can be exported to your own management tools.

Uploading cheque images to your bank enables you to speed up the banking process.